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Comprehensive support, extensive machinery park and experience in international transport makes us able to handle even the most demanding customers.


We carry out orders for cutting, veneering and CNC services. We direct our offer to small carpentry companies as well as large furniture manufacturers and other industries.


Every sales representative in our company must undergo a long educational process. Thanks to this, we train a team of qualified experts from the wood industry, equipped in the knowledge you can use.


Since the beginning of its activity, Goliat has been focused on comprehensive logistics services for our clients. We have our own transport fleet and also use external services thanks to which we always deliver on time.

Why is it worth working with us?

We place the greatest emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers.
We focus on stable cooperation and we have been constantly developing over 20 years. That’s why we offer our clients services that help them get the most out of the products we deliver.

  • Full support in the selection of wood-based products
  • Complex customer service
  • Security
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Individual customer advisor
  • Large carpentry capacities
  • Best prices – just check us!


CNC (Numerical Control Cutting)

Thanks to our high tech CNC machines, we are able tocut any shape from the boards with 100% precision and repeatability.

The machine is designed for a wide range of drilling and milling work. The machine tool we use together with the appropriate software and qualified personnel allows for quick and accurate machining, while ensuring high repeatability.

The software used for computer-aided design (CAD) and production (CAM) allows you to make the most creative shapes. It also shortens the path: design – cost estimate – execution. The machine parameters allow for machining of elements with maximum dimensions: 3200x1300x150 mm


  • perfect processing of plates and countertops
  • 100% repeatability
  • digital precision
  • good for peculiar orders

If you have a design of atypical elements to be cut, please send it to us by e-mail at

Accepted file extensions:

  • vector (*.dxf, *.dwg)
  • rastr (*.bmp, *.jpg)


We execute orders for single-layer and multi-layered cutting of wood-based boards. Our offer is targeted to carpenters and furniture manufacturers wanting to outsource some of its work.

Kalisz warehouse offers:

  • Cutting boards for strips
  • Boards formatting
  • CNC services

Olsztyn warehouse offers: 

  • Cutting boards for strips
  • Boards formatting
  • CNC cutting
  • Advisory in marine construction

Edge veneering

We provide services in the field of veneering of narrow board surfaces with PVC and ABS edges. Just recently, we’ve invested in new veneering machines, that allow us to do it faster and more efficiently.

Kalisz warehouse offers:

  • Machine veneering of borders with PVC / ABS wraps
  • Laminate plastering
  • Veneer applying
  • Curvilinear wrapping

Olsztyn warehouse offers:

  • Machine veneering of borders with PVC / ABS wraps
  • Laminate plastering


Professional advice in the field of wood-based boards

Selection of plates for the furniture industry

We have combined experience of over 100 years of cooperation with the furniture industry. Our sales department is wonderfully qualified to advise you in the professional selection of boards for your projects. Regardless of whether you are a small carpentry workshop or a large furniture manufacturer – contact us and see how well it works with us.

Wide boards selection for furniture industry

We offer almost all possible plates used on construction sites. The amount and variety of applications can give you a headache, so let us help you! We know the applications, parameters, pluses and minuses of each plate in our assortment. 

Goliat salespeople are your advisors

Every trader in our company must undergo a long educational process. Thanks to this, we train a team of qualified experts from the wood industry, with the knowledge you can rely on.


Shipping services

Handling and shipping


Goliat is a commercial and service company with an established position on the market of wood-based panel components for furniture production, for the construction industry and industry. Our main field of operation is import and pre-processing of boards, and then distribution on the domestic and export market.

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