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Goliat is a commercial and service company with an established position on the market of wood-based panel components for furniture production, for the construction industry and industry. Our main field of operation is import and pre-processing of boards, and then distribution on the domestic and export market.



Goliat wholesale trades in all types of wood-based panels. Our suppliers are some of the best producers, thanks to which our products are always of high quality and constant availability.

MDF Boards

MDF Board

Medium density wood fiber boards. They are the basic material for the production of furniture and interior finishing products, such as decorative moldings, wall panels, cassettes, as well as for the production of carpentry products such as doors. Due to the surface qualities, they can be refined by coating with thin melamine films, varnishing and covering with artificial and natural veneer.

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OSB Boards

OSB (oriented strand board) is a wood-based material achieved by pressing wood particles with the help of high temperature and under pressure, as well as using a moisture-resistant synthetic resin.

OSB boards have very low formaldehyde content, which is comparable to that occurring in natural wood, which has been certified in independent tests.

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Raw Particle Boards

Raw Particle Boards

Particleboard P2 is a non-bearing plate for internal use in dry conditions with high dimensional stability and stiffness.

They are characterized by the fact that they are environmentally friendly, recyclable, do not swell thickly and are very easy to machine processing with traditional tools. They also have a smooth surface, which makes them suitable for refining such as laminating, laminating, veneering, etc.

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Durelis V313 P5

Durelis V313 P5 Board

V100 Boards

V100 Board

V100 is a three-layer chipboard. It is an alternative to OSB3 or MFP boards, eg in the installation of all horizontal constructions (floors, roofing coverings). It is also widely used in the furniture industry.

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Pine Lumber

Posiadamy w ofercie tarcicę sosnową o wilgotności 18%. Na życzenie klientów umożliwiamy suszenie tarcicy do 12% lub 8%. Posiadamy certyfikację FSC, dzięki czemu masz pewność, że nasze płyty i drewno pochodzą z lasów zarządzdanych w sposób zgodny z najwyższymi standardami odpowiedzialnego leśnictwa. .

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A product made of wood in the form of a plate made of defibred wood tissue by frying it and forming it at a suitable temperature and under (normal or increased) pressure. The natural adhesive properties are increased by adding a synthetic adhesive. The fibers are arranged in a multi-directional way, which ensures the plate alignment of qualitative and strength features regardless of the direction of loads. Due to the high pressure and high pressing temperature, the plate structure is strongly compact.

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HDF Board

HDF board is widely used primarily in the furniture industry. It is used as a material for the back walls of cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture and drawer elements, as well as for the production of cell boards as an outer layer for veneering or painting.

This product is widely used among leading door manufacturers, used as external door panels for further refinement.

HDF boards are also used in the packaging industry, where they are mainly used to produce packaging that meets high physical and mechanical requirements.


We have a modern machinery park operated by experienced staff, which allows us to efficiently and accurately perform carpentry services for our clients.


Every sales representative in our company undergoes a long-lasting educational process. As a result, our clients can benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of qualified experts in the wood industry.


Since the beginning of its activity, Goliat has been focused on comprehensive logistics services for the customer, which is why we have always had our own transport fleet. We offer transport to every place in Europe.


Since 1991 we have been dealing in trade in wood-based panel materials.
We focus on reliability in the execution of orders and consultancy in the selection of wood-based products. We have branches in three locations in Poland. We build long-term relationships both with our clients and suppliers to provide constant supply chain.

Siedziba w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim

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Oddział w Olsztynie

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Our well-coordinated team provides the highest level of service!


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Goliat to firma handlowo – usługowa o ugruntowanej pozycji na rynku płytowych komponentów drewnopochodnych do produkcji mebli, dla branży budowlanej oraz przemysłu. Główny nasz kierunek działania to import oraz wstępna obróbka płyt, a następnie dystrybucja na rynku krajowym oraz eksportowym.



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